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Colin at Arts Care Gallery

How can I participate

My plan is to hold a series of events to collect new content for the ongoing work . If you want to know about these sessions and keep up to date about the project and potential new locations, then subscribe to the newsletter below.


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…Or send me your recorded message now!

If you can’t wait, then send a short recording (mp3 file preferred) of your intended message to:

I will try to include your message in the next update if it is suitable. Please note that messages will be screened for inappropriate content.* If your message is not in English, then please include an English translation along with it. Messages will be used or not at my sole discretion.

IMPORTANT: Consent and Copyright

All messages used in the project are used with the consent of the participants. By sending any content for inclusion, you will be deemed as having given permission for the recording to be used in this or any future projects, and you accept my right as an artist to retain copyright on this or any further use of the content in my creative projects. Please understand that once consent is given, it will not be possible to delete your contribution once it is integrated into a project.

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*I will regard inappropriate content as hate speech of any kind, including racism or incitement to violence.