01 August 2021: Programmable Interactive Speaker Array at Audio Foundation’s ARTE festival
04 August 2020:Launch of
20 May 2020: Release of EP “That which Separates”
14 May 2020: Entire back catalogue available on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming platforms
01 May 2020: Release of album “Library Music Volume 2” See
19 Jaunary 2020: Re-release of expanded version of album “Library Music Volume 1” See
14 Jaunary 2020: Release of album “Compound Eye” See
28 September 2019 European premiere of award-winning audiovisual work “53” at Catalyst Members Screening Programme
18 September 2019: “The Duck Feeder” features in “Works for Loudspeakers” Pyramid Club, Wellington (NZ)
06 September 2019: “Grumpy and Adorable” on the playlist at Catalyst Arts “Resonance | Sound Art Exhibition”, Belfast
September 2018: Voice sample collection for version 2 of I Just Called at Great Glengormley Get Together, courtesy of Community Relations Forum
May 2018: Fish FFS, spoken word piece commissioned by HearSay collective, performed at Tim Melville Gallery (Auckland)
November 2017: Exhibition It’s for You, Audio Foundation, Auckland
October 2016: Participation in Ivan Mršić’s Kakokarangaphonia Orchestra

October 2015: The Gazebophone, installation piece at University of Auckland Sonic Art event at Kenneth Meyers Centre (Auckland)
July 2015: Bangers n Mash 5 – Ensemble collaboration with other musicians and dancers, curated by Kristian Larsen. (
Colin performs handsaxJuly 2015: Handsax augmented saxophone performance at University of Auckland Sonic Art event at Kenneth Meyers Centre (Auckland)
December 2014: Performed at Nowhere Festival, organised by Audio Foundation, (Auckland)
October 2014: Augmented saxophone improv at Transitions (
September 2014: Screening of Shopping (It’s not all bad) at mini film fest Behind the Shops, curated by Gabriel White. (see )
March 2014: Demonstration of invented instrument, Semidemiwheelophone at Audio Foundation (Auckland)
October 2013: Performed as part of ensemble A whole lot of cock with no balls, at Audio Foundation interpreting Jeff Henderson’s graphic scores
September 2013: Performed at Equinox event at Artspace, curated by Ivan Mršić (See
August 2013: Performed at Listening Room session at Audio Foundation
August 2013: Performed D Goes On and On in Amelia M Harris’ film Seven octaves plus a minor third. (audio here

July 2013: Performed The Empathy Detector at Human Testing – An Experiment, curated by Elise Sterback. (’road-bar)
May 2013: Release of Short Straw – 4 track EP
December 2012: Release of Skyway to Carpark album
December 2012: Performed at Rising Tides festival, Wellington (NZ). Curated by Sound and Light Exploration Society
2012 The Joystick Orchestra. Performed and contributed material. Project curated by French artist, Nolwenn Lacire, while based at Colab, AUT
2011-2018: Toy Triptech collaborative electro/noise/improv project with Rohan Evans
May 2011: Solo electronica performance at T Party (curated by John Bell)
May 2010: Release of Noise in My Head – 6 track EP
December 2009: Dogs in Cars, Live band/song writing project. Performances at Wine Cellar Camp (Purangi) and Whammy Bar (Auckland)
2007-2018: Various performances at Vitamin –S music improv collective.
1979: Irish punk band Music for the Deaf – guitarist/songwriter
1978: Allotropes