Kete Aronui, ka pai!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the official opening of Kete Aronui. It’s an amazing facility which is cheap to access and worth supporting. So, if you’re looking for meeting rooms or rehearsal space for a theatre production, chamber ensemble, dance project, or just want to rent a hot desk for a few days to work on a project then you should definitely check it out. a big Ka Pai to Richard Green and his team for making this happen.


the trees that touched the sun

“These are the trees that touched the sun,
Winter trees with leaves undone.”

At last, a little piece of work inspired by the recent trip to Ireland. I was on the bus from Belfast to Dublin Airport on my way to catch my flight back to New Zealand. I was mentally exhausted and drifting in and out of that hypnagogic liminal space between awake and dozing. Gazing out the dirty window, I saw the winter tress silhouetted against the setting sun. They looked burnt – semi vaporised by the solar onslaught.  I pressed my phone against the window and recorded a snatch of video to remind me. This is the result. Soundtrack is processed saxophone against stacked sine tones and the original video sound of the bus.